Hey guys,

Welcome to my new blog which I’m happy to share with you all!

Here I will be sharing posts on Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Travel, Photography and Personal life experiences.

As you all probably don’t know who I am, let me introduce myself! My name is Tamika but most people call me Tammy. I previously had an old blog but I wanted to start fresh with a new and better blog where I will be sharing posts more frequently. So yeah, I’m back with more ideas!

Things about me:

  • LOVE food- Anyone who knows me knows that the way to my heart is by taking me to a nice restaurant to eat!
  • I love meeting new people, learning new things and going to new and interesting places.
  • I love clothes and buying new clothes.
  • I love taking a lot of pictures and videos- The more the better as it just creates more memories!
  • I love the idea of empowering and helping other people by sharing experiences, thoughts and feelings. I also love meaningful quotes and motivational speeches!

This is what tamsworld.co.uk will be about!

I appreciate the love and support I have received to start this blog! If anyone would like to email me or message me on social media (linked on the blog) then feel free to as I love talking to new people!

Love, Tamika ♡