UNIF & Bershka

Hey guys,

Hope you’ve all had a good week!

For today’s blog post I’m wearing a brand that I discovered this Christmas called UNIF; They’re a clothing brand based in the United States.

Outfit links below

img_8683img_8649Badsport Mock Neck Jumper (white): UNIF / (yellow): UNIF / (black): UNIF  / Dungarees: Missguided 

More about the jumper:

This jumper isn’t something that I have seen around in the shops in the UK and it was a difference that I really like. The black red outlined band with UNIF written in is bold and stands out. I run into a lot of thin turtle necks with cheap material that don’t particularly last long; however this jumper provides warmth because of the thickness and it’s very good quality. They sell this jumper in both yellow and black (linked above) which I’ll be looking to purchase after how much like this one!

But yeah guys, make sure you have a look at their website, their clothes are really cool, wacky, intense and different. i think they’re really different and they’re becoming one of my favorite brands.

Puffy jacket: Bershka / Similar: Bershka

This puffer jacket was another gift that I got in December and it has honestly been one of my best jackets. It keeps me sooo warm, literally. You don’t really need to wear a lot of layers inside to keep you warm and if you did want to there is plenty of room to do so. The jacket is still in good condition considering how many times I’ve worn it, so its definitely a good buy for anyone who is looking for a warm jacket!

They sold this jacket in different colours e.g. red, pink, grey, blue and mustard; however, this particular jacket has either been discontinued or sold out in Bershka so I’ve linked a similar jacket above. You may also see similar jackets in shops like H&M, Next and New Look. it might be worth checking second hand websites to see if you can find the jacket if you’re looking for something like it. UNIF also offer a similar style jacket although its more expensive.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, make sure you check out my other posts & keep an eye out for my next post soon!

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Photos credit: Edwin Arthur

Until next time…

Love, Tamika ♡


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